Executive Ordered Blackout Dates

There is no current travel story bigger than Trump's executive order barring the immigration of persons from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, the former nation of Syria, and Yemen from entering the USA. It's clumsy rollout affected about 90,000 people whose stories have helped generate millions for the ACLU.

+ Fewer than 30% of Americans support the immigration ban and leaders abroad worry this might create a perfect propaganda opportunity for terrorist groups.

+ Trump's executive order caused plenty of confusion at airports around the world. The CEO of American Airlines weighed in and the events and meetings industry has been put on notice, pondering if the USA, long a hub for major international meet-ups, is still the best place to plan such events.

+ While America has always seen itself as a country of immigrants, it has a checkered history, especially recently, with accepting disaffected citizens from enemy (or potentially enemy) countries. While there are more recent examples, the most covered, remembered, and least controversial example was Jewish people trying to flee the Third Reich.