Valentine's Day Point-ers

Odds are you'll be spending money this upcoming Valentine's Day. If you're in a relationship, it will be spent on a significant other. If you're single, it will be spent on alcohol, rich desserts, and/or porn. Since your money will be leaving your pocket no matter what, you might as well set yourself up to get some miles back in return.

Shop through portals to maximize your miles on purchases. Points with a Crew and TPG have some pointers.

+ If you want to take your significant other to a hotel for the night to get away from the kids or a roommate, or if you want to be alone for some porn time, be sure to activate an AMEX reward offer at Hilton hotels to get an extra 3500 Membership Reward Points after spending $250. This offer doesn't end on Valentine's Day. It runs all the way till tax day. Take from that what you will.

+ And here are some more AMEX offers to be aware of...