AMEX Variables

AMEX is running a lucrative special with Air France by offering 20,000 Membership Rewards points to anyone who books travel through Air France between now and April 4th and spends at least $1,000. The value of the points is pretty incredible. For anyone headed to Europe soon, this seems like a no brainer.

If you're in the market for another AMEX card, perhaps one with Membership Rewards points, but you're worried about a double negative wherein you get denied for a card and a credit pull drops your credit score, here's some interesting news:  AMEX doesn't pull your credit if you're denied for a card, assuming you're already an AMEX customer, so there's no risk! Apply!

If one of those AMEX cards you're thinking of applying for is a business card, here's a quick post about one person's experience of when AMEX decided to perform a "financial review" on his business.