Practical Point Travel Pointers

While some of you may think the following stories are pointers for absolute beginners, I think it's a good thing to refresh ourselves from time-to-time on the basics to make sure our fundamentals are in line.

First, if you forgot to input your frequent flier number when purchasing your ticket, it's not too late to get the miles you deserve, even months after that flight has taken place.

Second, it's definitely worth sharing your referral link for credit card sign-ups online. The good DOC and reddit are excellent places to do so, but you may have to be a helpful member of the respective online communities of each site for it to benefit you in full.

Third, there's nothing worse than seeing an amazing credit card sign-up bonus arrive in a mailer mere days after you applied for that very same credit card for a much more meager bonus. But don't fret, most credit card providers will match you to the best sign-up bonus available. You just have to ask politely.