Hotel Credit Card Value

Airline credit cards tend to get more headlines because their redemptions for luxury travel are more eye-popping in general. This distracts from lucrative hotel credit cards at times and definitely distract from The Little Engine That Could hotel cards out there. Frequent Flier Miles 101 breaks down two less prestigious cards that nonetheless pull their weight from year-to-year. These cards are not to be ignored!

If you go for the IHG card, and want to add to your IHG points total, there's a great promo going on right now when you purchase points.

+  Also, the Citi/Hilton Visa Signature credit card has just upped its signup bonus to 75k, and what's more, there's no annual fee! Be sure to click on the right Citi credit card. There are two different ones with different benefits and values.

Hilton is also running several points promos. We've already detailed the 2K per night promo. With certain brands, you can also get 500 AA miles per night, or quadruple British Airways Avios miles, depending on the length of your stay.

+ And hey, these hotels will have great new gyms (most likely). Who can we thank for this? Since no one else will say it, I will:  thanks, millenials!