Passport Protectors

No, this isn't the lamest super hero squad of all time. It's a mere product plug.

Every once and a while a news story pops up about a traveler or a family of travelers who are stranded abroad because of a damaged passport. This has never happened to me, but apparently it's a relatively frequent occurrence, inspiring an FAQ answer on and online guides about what to do if you accidentally put your passport in the washing machine while traveling.

Of course, merely a bent passport can be enough to ground a traveler. So, spend a couple of bucks on a passport protector to make sure your trip doesn't get interrupted. I have a simple leather cover for mine, but there are a variety of options out there to fit everyone's desires.

+ If you want extra protection for your passport, and other belongings, check out this article by TPG on the best carry-on backpacks for travelers that are both water-resistant and filled with secret compartments.

Dane Brannan