AMEX Fights Back

The AMEX Platinum card has long been a status symbol many people wanted to be able to whip out of their wallets. Other credit cards, however, have done an impeccable job of matching and exceeding the once touted benefits of the AMEX platinum card. Most people, including me, would also argue the Chase Sapphire Reserve is now the premier travel card on the market. AMEX seems to sense that too, so they've decided to make some changes.

The biggest benefits being added to the card are 5x points on select hotel bookings (wouldn't it be nice if it was all hotel bookings!), and $200 in Uber credit divided into $15 per month increments, except for the month of December which will get a $35 credit. If you don't use the credit by the end of the month, it will disappear.

One bad thing about the card is the annual fee is being upped to $550. If you take advantage of the airline and Uber credits, this isn't too big of a deal, but it seems like an unnecessary increase when other premier award travel cards are -- even with these changes -- still outdoing AMEX platinum with a lesser fee.

The rise of Chase in the award credit card game has been staggering over the past several years. They've done so much in such a small amount of time, The Washington Post explains why it's possible AMEX may never be able to wrest back the number one spot from them.