America's Virgin a Hot Commodity

Virgin Atlantic threw a sucker punch at Alaska Airlines the other day, when a video came out of genial British people reminding brand loyalists that Virgin Flies On. Alaska Airlines will not go quietly into that good night, though, and has been relentless in its pursuit of Virgin America loyalists. They've offered mileage for those willing to merge/transfer their frequent flier accounts previously and now are after those who weren't MileagePlan members before by offering 5k miles extra for those who sign up by April 30th and fly with Alaska before September 30th. While we can hope the Virgin Atlantic jab would trigger a fight between the two airlines that miles & points enthusiasts could exploit, the routes they cover don't really affect Alaska Air, and so if you don't have a MileagePlan, you might as well jump at this offer while it lasts!

+  If you want to stack this offer, consider getting the Alaska Air credit card and taking advantage of the stopover and open jaw possibilities on Award Tickets and Companion Pass fares. Here's an example of the possibilities