Better Bonus?

The AMEX SPG Personal and Business cards bonus of 35k ends on April 5th. The AMEX Hilton Honors and Hilton Honors Surpass cards of 80k and 100k respectively end on May 31st. While some people have jumped on all of the above offers, they are a select few. This is because AMEX restricts the amount of open credit cards per person to 5, and the combined minimum spend across all 4 cards to maximize bonuses would be $18,000. So, most of us have to choose between them. One Mile at a Time has done a breakdown for us to help us decide on the best card to get.

 Whichever card you decide to go with, remember you can use your credit card to pay your taxes in order to help meet the minimum spend requirement.

+  If you decide to go with the recommendation from One Mile at a Time and get an SPG card in order to take advantage of its wide range of transfer partners, know that some transfers take longer than others.

+  And because of the flexibility of SPG points, some people value the AMEX card for everyday spend on non-bonus categories above all other options.