Fake News, Misinformation, and Leggings

I'm still seeing tweets from people rubbing their leggings in United's face. I'm tired of it. Especially since the whole story is based on misinformation.

What really happened? United Airlines pass riders, who must abide by a dress code while taking advantage of these free passes because they are friends or family of an employee and indirectly represent the airline, were in violation of said dress code. They were asked to comply. Once they did, United shuttled them on a later flight to their preferred destination for free. Here's an excellent step-by-step guide of the incident.

In the meantime, however, Shannon Watts saw the incident and tweeted about it without knowing all the information. Her tweets went viral, United responded via Twitter poorly, and bloggers used select information from the incident to serve their own agendas.

But here's the thing, United should have removed those passengers from the flight till they abided by the rules of the passes they were using. So, can everyone please stop with the indignant tweets?