Plane diverted over $12 Blanket Dispute

A Hawaiian Airlines flight was diverted to LAX after flight attendants reported an unruly passenger aboard. When police and the FBI met the flight at the gate, they quickly determined the man "did not pose a serious threat."

So, what was the dispute? The man expressed severe disagreement over having to pay $12 for a blanket, since the airplane had been cranking its air conditioning, making the cabin cold. The flight attendants got airline representatives on the phone to talk with the man. He expressed to them he "would like to take someone behind the woodshed for this."

The man certainly shouldn't have used those words, but this story to me seems more like Hawaiian airlines is out of control. By all accounts, it seems like the police should have never been involved. Too often these days, police officers are forced to deal with matters that have not escalated to the point of needing them. This stretches resources thin and is a waste of everyone's time.

The other passengers aboard most likely weren't pleased either. I wouldn't have been happy about an unnecessary 4+ hour delay, especially because of a draconian step taken by a budget airline to show it will outmuscle their passengers for every available penny.