At the Mercy of the Airlines

In case you needed to be reminded of your limited rights while traveling on airlines, United forcibly removed a doctor flying home off one of their planes at Chicago O'Hare this weekend shortly before takeoff. While the footage is shocking, and the doctor had plenty of reason to be upset, all airlines are perfectly within their rights to do just what unfolded.

Is it fair? Well, in a court of law it would be seen as such. All the fine print we ignore clearly lays out how limited we are in our rights while traveling on airlines. 

+  This is why having credit cards with good travel interruption insurance (I'm looking at you CSP and CSR!) is a must these days!

+  If you remain open-minded, calm, and polite, it's also possible to jump at overbooked flight opportunities for profit. In rare instances, even $11K in profit!

+  Thanks to reddit for some additional information and humor:  first, what you're entitled to when you are delayed in your travel due to an airline mistake (like overbooking!) and second, United's new cabin class.