Round the World Travel for Pennies

Free plane tickets are nice. So are free nights at a hotel. But a year of essentially free air travel around the globe? In the words of the Star Alliance booking agent who finalized the itinerary, "Jackpot!"

SkyTeamOneWorld, and Star Alliance all offer RTW (round-the-world) tickets for purchase. Of course, if you're a points and miles hobbyists, it's also possible to accrue enough miles to book RTW tickets for miles and taxes only. These tickets come in all shapes and sizes, depending on your needs and wants, so do plenty of research and planning before diving into this admittedly excellent redemption.

Of course, sometimes it's better to forgo this method and just book tickets separately or through a service that searches out the most-affordable fares to get you around the globe for cheap. But if it's luxury you're after the premium class RTW tickets are probably the way to go!

+  If you're interested in this type of redemption but just learning about how to earn points & miles, be sure to check out our guides page for more information.