The Biggest Swinging D*cks in Rewards Credit Cards

Premium credit cards have long been a status symbol at the country club. More and more, however, they are a status symbol in the points and miles hobby. Whipping it out can impress fellow hobbyists waiting in line behind you at the coffee shop. But only if you use the right one.

TPG has released an updated list about which of these cards they think is best. They compare the same cards I did in my article, released about a month ago. We draw largely the same conclusions but did not agree on the winner, largely because I didn't see rental car coverage as a decisively important factor.

For me, the updated AMEX Platinum card is the supreme champion over its competitors, whereas TPG sides with the Chase Sapphire Reserve. But I'm not a CSR hater. You might be surprised to see where I actually think the CSR is best.