Did AMEX Effectively Kill Off Its Gold Card?

The personal AMEX Gold Card used to be a powerhouse. 3x points for flights booked directly on airline websites and 2x points on groceries, gas, and restaurants in the US on top of the annual $100 airline credit made this card a must have. But is that the case anymore?

A few years ago the AMEX Everyday Preferred card eclipsed the Gold Card's grocery bonus and matched its gas station bonus (3x on first $6,000 and 2x respectively), and now, with the introduction of the new 5x airfare bonus on the personal AMEX Platinum Card, the Gold Card has seen its airfare bonus eclipsed too.

But at least it's still got 2x points on restaurants, which is better than the other AMEX cards, right? Not quite, but maybe you could make a case for it were it not for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Sapphire Reserve Cards, which equal and eclipse the Gold Card in this regard too.

So, unless AMEX announces some changes with its Gold Card soon, the $195 annual fee is going to be hard to justify. There are better cards out there now.