In-Cabin Laptop Ban on Verge of Expanding to Flights Originating in Europe

The laptop ban likely will expand from the 10 muslim majority countries currently affected to include all flights originating in Europe. Blogs and news outlets, such as this one, noted the possibility of a domino effect weeks ago, and most everyone else started to become wary after the leak about the UK potentially being roped into the laptop ban at the end of April, despite the fervent denials by the White House.

As we have come to expect, don't trust what this administration says, but carefully watch its actions. I truly hope the Department of Homeland Security has the general public's best interests at heart here, and this isn't some larger political ploy.

EDIT (05/10/17) - The implementation of a laptop ban on flights originating in Europe is on the precipice of taking effect. This does clear up motives the Trump administration may have had in implementing the first laptop ban as well, though there are certainly still some issues to iron out.