Enhanced Security Measures on Flights to USA

The Department of Homeland Security has announced enhanced and increased security protocols on commercial flights to the United States from 280 airports around the world in "light of evaluated intelligence." The reason is incredibly vague. So, is it necessary? Who knows? That's the way the Department of Homeland Security wants it for now.

These "seen and unseen" measures will be rolled out in phases. We aren't sure what they look like now. We will have to take a wait and see approach on this. Hopefully it won't cause too many headaches for travelers coming to or returning to the United States.

+ One thing to consider with these changes coming soon is to sign up for Global Entry, if you haven't already, and through a premium credit card like the AMEX Platinum. It seems those pre-approved by the Department of Homeland Security for expedited clearance through customs won't be affected greatly.