Last Day to Use AMEX Plat's June Uber Credit

This is merely a reminder to all cardholders of the new AMEX Platinum card that the $15 monthly Uber credit you receive does not rollover but expires at the end of each month. In order to make sure the credits load to your account, you must add your AMEX Platinum card to the Uber payment options. It does not have to be the primary payment option, though.

If you have credit remaining but don't have a need for an Uber ride before the credit will expire, you can order an UberEATS meal (use code eats-7ucxn for a further $15 off and go nuts!). Just like with a ride, your remaining credit will be deducted when you order a meal through UberEATS. So, however you go about it, make sure to maximize your benefit before it's too late!