Clarification on Trump's Cuba Policy

My wife and I are headed to Cuba this summer. Trump's recent announcement, however, while scaring us briefly before all the details came out, will not affect our plans. I've been asked by people I know and people online about the details of this, so I'm posting here to make sure the details that fell to the bottom of the news cycle because of this and this and this are brought back to the surface for those who are interested.

If travel to Cuba was planned prior to Trump's announcement, it will not be affected by the new restrictions, notably the people-to-people provision. Furthermore, while the restrictions will limit tourists to Cuba once more, it is not cutting off tourism entirely. There are still ways to travel to Cuba legally; though admittedly, those ways are narrowly defined. Here are five important things to know.

If you are planning to go to Cuba like us, I've found this information on Cuba prep and what to expect during the travel and customs process to be incredibly useful. Happy points and miles travels!