Check Those Emails for Targeted AMEX Offers

I recently returned from a trip to Cuba where my internet connection was dial-up level speed and limited to 10-minute bursts in public park. Needless to say, I gave up on checking in with the outside world quite early on in the trip. When I returned, however, my email inbox was out of control. Having spent the last day combing through it, however, I've been pleasantly surprised to find some nice AMEX offers awaiting me.

I was targeted via my Premier Rewards Gold Card (which I'll be canceling in January, though AMEX doesn't need to know that) to add authorized users, spend $500 on their card, and claim 5,000 MR points (and up to 20,000 a year). Now, I've been targeted for this offer before when I called in to check on an error on my account. I added a user, and I did receive the 5,000 MR points. This happened earlier this year, so I'm not sure if 5,000 of my 20,000 possible MR points are already used up, but it was a very easy process and worth it if you're targeted for this offer on an AMEX card without fees for adding authorized users.

I also received an offer to use any of my AMEX cards to pay for my Hulu account. The offer states receiving $50 back after spending $50+ on Hulu. As long as I sign up by September 23rd and spend $50+ by May 23rd of next year, I'll qualify. Not bad.

So, check those inboxes, there could be excellent offers lurking somewhere in the unchecked mass of emails!