Choosing the Right Credit Card

Choosing the right credit card for you is definitely the most essential task you have for your financial health and for enjoying the benefits of the points and miles hobby. The task is easy enough, but finding the right information -- specifically for you as an individual with unique spending habits and benefit desires -- can be tricky.

Each points and miles blog or credit card site has its own particular needs as well from sponsorships to placating particular demographics. On TPG, for instance, you will always find Chase credit cards winning out on cross comparisons (except of course when they did their draft of the best credit cards out there!). On this site, I peg different brands as winners in the everyday credit card comparison and the premium credit card comparison, but even these choices are dictated by my own needs (though I do try my best to be objective as much as is possible).

The best way to find out the card you should be using most often, though, depends solely on your needs. So, the best way to find this out isn't to necessarily read 'The Best Such and Such Card Is...' articles. You need to painstakingly compare all the cards out there and sort the benefits according to your own needs . . . at least it used to be painstaking.

Benevolent reddit users LumpyLump76 and zXFDz created comparison charts of several credit cards with all their benefits listed out, so you can quickly decide which card is best for you. They aren't the only reddit users to do so, but their charts seem to be the most comprehensive and best at the moment. Currently, there are comparison charts for Chase, AMEX and six of the most notable premium credit cards.

While I have heard from some of you the r/Churning community can be vicious (and I agree their fangs can sometimes come out), there are some good souls there (which is why I've recommended some of their insights in the past). View their charts, and then get out. The charts, at least, are extraordinarily useful (and won't bite). (Holy cow, I just used a lot of parenthesis in that paragraph!)

Happy points and miles hobbying!