Alaska Air Enters Independent Teenage Phase

This week, Alaska and American Airlines announced (independently!) the reduction in codeshare flights, which means reciprocal mile earning benefits between their loyalty reward programs will be slashed! This is a bummer to be sure, but there is still time to take advantage of their current partnership and benefits afforded to you, if you so desire, as January 1, 2018 will be the day the cuts go into effect.

Some have said this makes sense due to Alaska's growth as an independent airline with flights crisscrossing the states, due to acquiring Virgin America. And they're right in a way. Of course, its newfound independent stance, much like a teenager, is less in their hands than they want you to think. When the Virgin merger went through, the FTC told them this must happen. So, really, Alaska is just following the rules here. (But we can all say they're being more independent if it makes them feel better or satisfies our need to like the rebellious, independent sort.)