LA's Subway System Testing Enhanced Security Measures

Last week, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority tested body scanners in the city's subway system meant to detect "mass-casualty threats." The machines were tested during a two-day pilot program to see the efficiency of the machines to allow subway-goers to quickly pass through the security checkpoints without serious delay.

The test didn't go 100% smoothly, however, as one of the machines malfunctioned almost immediately. Moreover, the machines are meant to allow 600 people per hour to be scanned effectively, and the Los Angeles Red Line alone averages 150,000 riders daily. These numbers ensure peak travel hours would likely overwhelm these checkpoints.

While the current version tested isn't ideal, it is merely a test, and all credit goes to LA transit authorities for looking ahead at how they can make the subway system safer for its citizens and tourists. No doubt this has a lot to do with the upcoming 2028 Olympics and is an encouraging sign for everyone hoping Los Angeles' reputation will be bolstered by the games.