The 60K Southwest Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses Are Back

If you're over Chase's notorious 5/24 mark, you might as well ignore this news; it'll just make you made. If you're under the mark, however, you can position yourself to earn one of the most valuable awards in all of churning:  the Southwest Companion Pass.

Chase recently announced upgraded bonuses on all of their Southwest credit cards. The requirement for the sign-up bonus on the Plus card is 2K in the first three months. The same is true for the Premier card. The Business card requires 3K in the first three months. Not all of the cards offer the same benefits, but for the sake of the Companion Pass, it's nice to know the sign-up bonus is equal amongst all three of them. You can click the links above to know which cards might be right for you. And yes, the plural 's' on "cards" is important here.

In the past, it was possible to transfer hotel points to Southwest in order to reach the 110K point mark, the mark at which you earn the Companion Pass, but not anymore. As such, it's very fortunate that you can now eclipse the threshold for the Companion Pass on reaching the sign-up bonus mark for just two Southwest cards.

The Southwest Companion Pass allows an approved travel companion to accompany on all of your trips for the price of taxes and fees only. So, basically it's a buy one, get one free deal on all your flights.

To maximize the Southwest Companion Pass, you might try to time earning the sign-up bonus just after the New Year. If you're able to do this, you'll receive the benefit of the Companion Pass for the remainder of 2018 and all of 2019. But be careful, the 60K offer may not be around long enough, so you'll need to have a contingency plan just in case.