Russia-US Hostilities Promoting 'de Facto Travel Restriction'

The latest in rising hostilities between Russia and the United States has led to closures of consulates and restrictions in travel visas issued. This move has led to the two countries introducing "de facto travel restrictions for each other’s citizens, choking off the friendliest, most human channel of communication between them."

While these recent moves from the United States against Russia are largely small jabs without much backing in true foreign policy, when paired with the Trump-administrations rollback on Obama's open-Cuba policy, it's worrying that this may be the default position Trump plans to take with countries who cross him or he's told have crossed him.

This is frightening because, as Ivan Krastev wrote in the New York Times Opinion Pages a few weeks ago, "What disturbs liberal America is not that Russia will run the world — far from it. Rather, the fear, whether liberals fully recognize it or not, is that the United States has started to resemble Russia."

Hopefully, however, people-to-people interactions through tourism will continue to rise above the pettiness of world politicians, and the types of closed-minded, closed-border policies instituted by the Trump administration will be short lived.