Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces


Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces are the product of hundreds of years of farming by the Zhuang people. The terraces cover over 15,000 acres, moving up and down the mountainsides at an altitude range between 980-3,600 feet above sea level.


Depending on the season, the terraces take on a different appearance. The summer provides the best picture backdrop, as the waters from the spring have turned the terraces green. In the fall, a tinge of gold decorates the hillsides, as harvesting season arrives. In winter snow covers the mountains. In spring, water is irrigated into the terraces, and the reflection off the water can look like long ribbons wrap around each mountainside.


The rice terraces can be reached from Guilin relatively easily and seen during a day trip. For a more thorough exploration of the area, you can arrange to stay in Longsheng County.