Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia. The city is a destination for many Nova Scotians looking for work or needing to shop for items only found in a city. The water front is an excellent place to walk to take in the city views and catch a nice cool sea breeze in the summer.


Halifax houses a number of important museums. Pier 21, where over a million immigrants first set foot in Canada, has been converted into the Canadian Museum of Immigration. The museum tells the story of the immigrants who passed through Pier 21, as well as the story of modern Canadian immigrants. Visitors will also want to check out the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, which showcases all the gear needed to sail the icy waters of Halifax from the city's founding till today. St. Paul's Church and the Citadel Hill National Historical Site are also worth visiting for those interested in the area's history.


If you time your trip right and want to be outside more than inside, the public gardens or McNabs Island should be on your list of places to stop. Halifax has beautiful outdoor spaces, as long as the weather's warm.


Once you've had your fill of museums and sites, be sure to take advantage of Halifax's excellent pubs. There's no shortage of them around the city, so you won't have trouble finding a pint.