Along China's southern border with Vietnam, Guangxi offers tourists breathtaking natural scenery and a look into China's countryside culture, which remains intact despite China's leap into the 21st century.


The best way to see this scenery is to cruise down the Li River. The karst landscape produces some rather spectacular cliffs jutting out of the earth, offering a very different type of skyline than Hong Kong to its southeast.


The other major attraction of the region is the Dragon's Backbone. These stunning terraces were built by the Zhuang people who developed the area over the course of hundreds of years of farming.


While seeking out these sites, you're likely to stay a night or two in Guilin and/or Yangshou. Guilin is a city with a few sites, though you won't need much time to see them. Yangshou is a small town with a surprisingly rich array of nightlife.


Another city of the region you might end up in is Nanning, if you're headed for Deitan Waterfall. Nanning is almost the mix of the two cities mentioned above, not much to see but a surprisingly lively nightlife scene.


In Guangxi, you'll want to make sure your time spent in the cities is minimal, and your time in the countryside is maximized. It's natural beauty is truly spectacular.


Guangxi also happens to be the place to be, if you're seeking out the best beach in China. On its southern coast, Beihai Silver Beach calls tourists looking to unwind after arduous travel through China's countryside.