Guilin was one of the first destinations tourist destinations in China. Chinese children's books declared its natural wonders to be the best under heaven and marketing slogans spouted proudly, "East or west, Guilin landscape is best!"


Today, Guilin's tourist industry has fallen behind other major draws around the country, largely due to government failings when it came to updating infrastructure in the area. Still, the natural beauty of Guilin cannot be denied.


Attractions like the Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas and Reed Flute Cave provide destinations for tourists who are killing time in the city. The main attraction of the area, however, is the Li River.


Elephant Hill Park is an excellent starting point to take in the natural beauty of the river and its limestone karst peaks. A cruise down the river to Yangshou is a must, however, for anyone who truly wants to soak in all of the natural wonder of the area.