Sichuan is one of the most visited regions in China. The capital of Sichuan, and one of the world's largest cities, is Chengdu. There are a few interesting sites in Chengdu, such as is Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, as well as the striking nighttime view of Anshun Bridge, but the true reason to get to Sichuan, besides the food, are the sites outside the city.


Chinese Buddhism began in this region, the first temple being built at Mount Emei, and several other large Buddhist projects were built in this area, most notable the Leshan Giant Buddha.


Of course, Sichuan can claim more than being the home of Chinese Buddhism. Mount Qingcheng lays claim to one of the founding places of Taoism and offers some of the most peaceful walking paths in all of China.


Perhaps what drew so much to Sichuan is its natural beauty. Jiuzhai Valley is truly a natural wonder and Huanglong isn't far behind this status. If you have the opportunity to make it beyond China's east coast megacities, Sichuan should probably be your first stop.