Gran Parque Natural Montemar


Gran Parque Natural Montemar (formerly Parque Nacional Ciénaga de Zapata) is one of the best bird watching areas in the world. Largely uninhabited by humans since the whole area is essentially briny swamplands or rocky flatlands, Gran Parque Natural Montemar has flourished as a nature habitat. From crocodiles to scuba diving to nature walks, Gran Parque Natural Montemar is perfect for birdwatchers and nature lovers alike.

Why the swamplands of Gran Parque Natural Montemar were chosen by the CIA for an invasion of Cuba will never be known. The swamplands near Playa Girón where the invasion took place were only able to slow down the Cuban exiles looking to take back their country from Fidel Castro, allowing them to be picked off by gunfire and easily captured.