Valle de Viñales


Tobacco plantations rest in the shadows of VIñales' towering limestone cliffs, creating an idyllic country setting. There is little wonder why Fidel Castro believed Viñales to be the most beautiful part of Cuba. Recently, there has been a tourist uptick to the town of Viñales, but the natural scenery and wonder is still well worth the 2-3 hour trip from Havana.

The best way to see the valley is by renting a motorbike (which can be hard to come by). If you're able to snag one, you can jet to all locations of the valley to see cigar plantations...


...or take a small boat tour on an underground river through the Cueva del Indio.


Another good way to see the valley is on horseback. A Viñales horseback tour takes you through country trails to scenic overlooks of the valley. There are also planned stops along the way at coffee plantations and a rum distillery, but ultimately the scenery makes up for the forced sales pitches.