Kyoto is one of the most magical cities in all of Japan. For over 1,000 years it served as the imperial capital of Japan. As such it houses some of its most important palaces and shrines.


The Golden Pavilion is perhaps the most beautiful site in all of Kyoto and should be at the top of any list for visitors.


Gion, the most notable Geisha district in Japan, maintains the traditional Edo architecture style often associated with Ancient Japan and provides numerous opportunities to experience traditional Geisha culture.


Nishiki Market and Kiyomizu-Dera are other notable tourist hot spots in Kyoto and the Bamboo Forest outside of Kyoto is sought after by photographers for the fantastic photo opportunities.

Getting to Kyoto is easiest from Osaka. Nara is often included with Kyoto by day-trippers staying in Osaka or by tourists making their way down from Tokyo to central and southern Japan.