Sedona is a special place. Ask anyone who has been there and you'll probably get a different reason why.


The landscape is awe inspiring, and some would say, eclipses the Grand Canyon for beauty.


Artists have been drawn here for a long time, brought originally by the sights, but now by the artistic community that has developed.


Sedona's higher elevation makes its summer heat less oppressive than the surrounding towns and cities, which makes it a popular weekend destination. It's natural springs and rivers are also a draw.


Hiking and biking trails are abundant. Go deep enough into some canyons and you can find some pretty unique camping sites and swimming holes.


Old Native American dwellings carved in the cliffside can be explored. Some of these locations contain interesting carvings and paintings.


Spiritual seekers are certain Sedona rests on top of vortexes radiating the earth's natural energy. Walking around town, it'll be hard to not find new age practices and medicines on display.


No matter the reason people travel to Sedona, it certainly is a special place.